Leica Showroom Singapore

Interactive Display Case Shows Precious Cameras and Corporate History

At Leica Singapore‘s POS event “A Trip Through the Lens”, the long-established German company presented a number of historical Leitz camera models in their showroom in the Raffles Arcade Singapore. The rooms of the exhibition displayed classic Leica Safari sporting editions as well as other vintage Leica cameras dating from the 1920s through the 1960s. Our partner business Hustle&Bustle Singapore was in charge of this event taking place in October 2019.

By means of a Garamantis interactive display‑case, guests and passers-by were able to playfully discover and learn about the remarkable history of the Leica Camera AG on their own accord. This display case with its fully transparent and crystal-clear multi-touch glass surface allowed visitors to interact with one of the most valuable vintage Leica cameras from the1920s without actually touching this precious antique.


Leica Singapore

Project facts

  • Client: Hustle&Bustle Singapore
  • Context: Event at the Leica Showroom in Singapore
  • Implementation time: 4 weeks
  • Finishing date: October 2020
  • individual interactive display case
  • Storytelling about company history
  • Content from web-based CMS
Pow Ying Hern

A conventional vintage showcase usually dictates that the guests cannot touch and interact with the rare and expensive antiques, but with Garamantis’ interactive display cabinet, you can have the cake and eat it too. By allowing guests to remotely interact with the vintage camera, guests could learn a lot more about the camera’s history, while being able to view it from all angles!

Pow Ying Hern, Chief Creative Officer, Hustle & Bustle
Multitouch showcase with clear glass presents cameras
Historical camera models in the Leica PoS
PoS event
Interactive showcase presents valuable cameras and company history

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