Agritechnica 2019

Interactive Sales Terminals at STW Trade Fair Booth

Agritechnica in Hannover is the world’s largest exhibition for agricultural machinery. Between 10 and 16 November 2019, around 450,000 trade visitors attended the leading trade fair and visited the stand of STW (Sensor Technik Wiedemann) – a specialist in the digitalisation, automation and electrification of mobile machinery for more than 30 years.

Multitouch table with trade show target sales

For Agritechnica, STW wanted to digitally enhance its well-established stand with an interactive upgrade. The terminals were to contribute to the objectives of the exhibition and support the sales department in customer acquisition. Key aspects were the presentation of products, lifecycle support, company history and structure, and specific case studies. STW specialises in the digitalisation, automation and electrification of mobile machinery. Generic or customised products, systems and solutions were to play a central role interactively and be made literally comprehensible to visitors.

The result of this project is two interactive sales terminals in the form of multi-touch scanner tables. The shape, colour and lighting of the tables reflect STW’s corporate design and create a long-distance effect. As the visitor approaches the table, content pops up in the visitor’s direction – a surprise effect made possible by the integrated person sensor. Invited by moving or animated images, visitors have immediate access to multimedia content through various entry points. They can either view a summary presentation or go straight to the details that are relevant to them.

Object recognition by means of RFID and QR codes

In addition to touch input, the tables also recognise each individual product on the stand. For example, visitors or sales staff can hold STW controllers or sensors close to the scanner units and the tables will conjure up the relevant information on their multi-touch surfaces. For products that are either too bulky and unwieldy – or simply not physically present at the show – stand-ins are available in the form of illustrated cards with QR codes. These are recognised by both the scanners on the tables and standard smartphones, providing direct and automatic access to detailed information.

The Agritechnica exhibition was just the debut for STW’s new digital stand, with a busy exhibition schedule ahead. The tables travel to their various locations in their own wheeled transport cases, and their owner organises any updates to content or new products quickly and conveniently via a cloud-based CMS.

Sensor Technik Wiedemann

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann

Project facts

  • Client: Sensor-Technik Wiedemann
  • Context: Agritechnica 2019
  • Implementation time: 8 weeks
  • Finishing date: November 2019
  • 2 multitouch-scanner-tables
  • product recognition by RFID
  • optical recognition of post cards
  • interactive sales support
Discover Germany

For Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) Garamantis developed two interactive sales stations for large trade fairs such as Agritechnica. The two multitouch scanner tables automatically register with person sensors when a trade fair visitor approaches and present the first content and animations in the direction of view.

Innovative Messe-Installationen eröffnen Welten und machen Produkte interaktiv erlebbar

Discover Germany, 4/2/2020
Ramona Kasper

We are thrilled! Garamantis‘ interactive tables help us to present our products and solutions in a straightforward and intuitive way. Despite the short lead time, the timely completion of the project was at no point at risk – collaboration on the highest level with on-target planning and execution. We’re confident to have found in Garamantis a high-level partner. Follow‑up projects are already in planning.

Ramona Kasper, Head of MarCom, Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH

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