Telekom Showroom Experience

Immersive exhibition across two floors of the “Telekom Innovation Laboratories” in Berlin

In the summer of 2022, Deutsche Telekom opened an immersive showroom in Berlin, which from now on serves as the interactive stage for the company’s outstanding technical performance. Under the project management of Detecon International GmbH and in collaboration with Deko Service Lenzen GmbH, Garamantis swiftly conceived and realized this showroom, using several of the most cutting-edge innovations in presentational technology in the process.

Topical Subjects in Focus

At its Berlin location in the “Telekom Innovation Laboratories”, the showroom welcomes its invited guests with an informative and impressive 30-minute presentation on Deutsche Telekom’s outstanding technological performance. It focuses on demonstrating the capabilities of Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network and the overall potential of the 5G standard, as well as its particular potential for use in the highly relevant area of disaster recovery, for example in the event of forest fires or other natural disasters.

Exhibition in Sustainable Ambient

The total area of this exhibition stretches across two floors. On the upper floor, a trilaterally glazed conference room has been converted into a showroom. In order to achieve a homogenic and compelling overall impression, Garamantis’ concept involved a circular exhibition wall and foiling of the glass surfaces.

To create the desired atmosphere, Garamantis integrated an extensive light & sound concept into the design, consisting of interactively controlled LED strips and a 3D sound system. The specialists of DASDUR were in charge of the customized sound design.

Multi-Touch Table – Complex Matters, Simply Explained

At the centre of not only the room itself, but the entire presentation concept, is a motion-sensing multi-touch table connected to a three-part monitor wall. This gives the setup the appearance of a control centre straight out of a science fiction film. From here, all of the showroom’s content, storytelling and demonstrators are controlled. Several 3D dioramas are used to explain complex facts in a simplified and playful way. These real-time animated scenarios are displayed on the table itself and on the monitor wall, with atmospheric lighting and sound effects.

Special Screen For Special Effects

An important part in the room’s dramaturgical scheme plays a more than 2 m tall, flexible screen in the center, on which life-sized digital avatars “materialize”. These avatars and special effects have been designed and realized by mindconsole.

At the side of this UHD screen, several next generation smartphones are placed on interactive turntables made by Garamantis. Those are rotated and spotlit in concordance with the progression of the presentation, moreover, they are responsible for triggering bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video streaming. The flexible screen renders the actual data stream in real time, thus underlining the 5G network’s enormous capability. For this and the other live demonstrations, Telekom even installed an independent 5G campus network at the site.

Other Components of the Interactive Exhibition

The exhibition also includes an interactive wall projection, a light installation and a vertical multi-touch screen, all set in a harmonious interior with furniture that perfectly complements the exhibition. The IT components of the showroom are centrally controlled and fed with continuously updated content via a central CMS. This CMS not only facilitates independent and short-term updates or changes to content, but also easy personalisation and preparation of planned presentations. For example, by incorporating visitor names, images or other locations into the event.


Deko Service Lenzen GmbH

Project facts

  • Client: Deutsche Telekom
  • Context: Experiential Telekom Showroom at “Telekom Innovation Laboratories”, Berlin
  • Implementation time: 8 weeks
  • Finishing date: July 2022
  • Conceptualization
  • Multi-touch table and monitor wall
  • Custom software development
  • Central control and CMS
  • Light and sound installations
  • Customized screen
  • Interactive projection
Christian Krämer

In Garamantis we have found the perfect partner for showroom design. They are gifted with a DNA that allows them to convey everything to do with digital showrooms in a customer-effective and positive way. Their designs are vivid and interactive. They create an atmosphere so dense that clients literally submerge themselves in their digital solutions. Whatever they create is characterized by their service oriented approach. At all times, the collaboration with them was dependable and based on mutual trust. In my opinion, Garamantis is THE top partner when it comes to modern showrooms!

Christian Krämer, Project Manager, Detecon International GmbH

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