Jul 2022
by Andreas Will

Immersive Storytelling and Mise-en-Scène in Corporate Showrooms

Immersive storytelling and staging in showrooms

Don’t let your visitors just step into your corporate universe – let them immerse themselves in it completely. Because what better way is there for your target audience to identify with your brand than for them to become part of it for a short while? This can be achieved through interaction, but also through emotions. And those are triggered best by means of a fascinating and memorable storytelling.

Here’s some inspiration concerning topics and content:

  • pick up on meta-trends and include them in your storytelling
  • arrange a trip into the past, the future, or to an entirely different place
  • panoramic overview or extreme close-up of your products and services
  • afford real-time insight into Big Data or Artificial Intelligence
  • make your corporate message or philosophy come alive
  • sketch the portraits of fascinating personalities
  • thrill people through innovation (in content as well as in presentation)
  • let your visitors join you and participate in content creation
  • interactive integration of visitors

No matter what you want to convey by the experience, you should always keep an eye on your target audience’s actual topics of interest and on a harmonious overall appearance.

9 suggestions on dramaturgical elements:

  • individualized welcoming message/greeting (addressing the guest by name / with your corporate logo)
  • intro film/opener
  • current trends and innovations in the industry
  • your company’s ongoing research/development
  • your company’s history and significance
  • products and services per target group
  • best-practice examples and worldwide customer credentials
  • digital transformation (either as a social phenomenon/process, or as a medium, e.g., VR)
  • cooperations and partnerships

Corporate History and Vision in a Showroom

or ‘How a glimpse into the past can seem rather futuristic in the present’

A clearly arranged and attractive presentation of a company’s history along with its vision is a must-have for any corporate showroom. For example, important past and future milestones can be lined up and illustrated on an interactive timeline. The crucial thing here is not so much that visitors learn all the dates and facts by heart, but rather that they get the idea of your company’s position over time and with respect to its experience, its reliability, integrity, adaptiveness, and innovation etc. In short: it’s about telling your story with all its charismatic protagonists, fields of operations, and breakthroughs.

Important milestones such as the invention of novel technologies, the development of new markets, or a dramatic increase in growth can be underlined and illustrated using matching imagery, 3D models, videos, or animations. Here as well you should keep a close eye on the right fit between content and target audience (and make sure that the software does as well). An investor is interested in other things than, for instance, a potential staff member.

Tip: Let your visitors make the world turn

3d Weltkugel in Unity Multitouch-Software

For a globally active international corporation or organization, an interactive 3D globe offers a refreshing means to locate company sites, projects, and clients – and to hone in on them.

Tip: A story that tells itself

Zeitstrahl und Unternehmensgeschichte in Unternehmensausstellung

If your company can look back on a particularly long and proud history, often a haptic illustration of the experience and the development of a product is most effective, for instance by means of a wall with timeline and actual models, monitors, and display cases. etc.

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