Austrian museums day

Interactive showcase presented winners of the ICOM Austria “Museum Seal of Approval”

In 2016, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Austria awarded the coveted Museum Seal of Approval to a further sixteen museums.

The award ceremony took place during the 27th Austrian Museum Day in Eisenstadt. Together with Ars Electronica Solutions, we presented the award-winning museums in an interactive touch display case that visitors could use intuitively.

Our Garamantis CMS was used to feed the multi-touch software of the showcase with data on the museums, so that the showcase displayed the locations of the museums and highlighted their special features.

icom Austria

ICOM Austria

Project facts

  • Client: ICOM Austria
  • Context: Austrian Museum Day
  • Implementation time: 4 weeks
  • Finishing date: October 2016
Elke Kellner

The display case demonstrated state-of-the-art museum technology and excited the Austrian museum community with its elegant design and intuitive user interface. In this way a lot of additional information on and around the object on display becomes available to the visitor, in the best sense of the expression “modern museum storytelling”

Elke Kellner, Managing Director of ICOM Austria

Products applied

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