Procurement Future Showroom

Lingemann GmbH Interactive Showroom

What do Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and IoT have to do with modern day procurement? How can manufacturing companies in particular benefit from digitalization? This question and many more answers the new interactive showroom at the Lingemann Ltd. company headquarters in Brühl (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany).

Showroom: Open room design and integrated technology

The service Lingemann offers starts with provident procurement and ends at the location where all C-Parts necessary in the production cycle are actually processed. The procedures and products behind this facilitate, among others, real-time stock-taking and ensure optimal workflow– right into the hands of the professional factory floor worker who at long last needs these components.

The subject is a complex one, but the way in which everything in the system interacts is presented impressively simple in this showroom. Using a room-within-a-room concept, it welcomes its visitors such as clients, investors, and staff on 55 m2 with its large glass front. The centerpiece of the room held in charcoal grey consists in a multi-touch scanner table connected to a 6 x 55 ″monitor wall. The room’s smart control system puts visitors under its spell by dynamically adjusting sound and lighting to their exact position within the room. A short intro film first briefs them on the subject of “procurement of the future” before centering their attention on the U-HD multi-touch table itself.

Futuristic User Interface

In terms of visuals, the highly responsive multi-touch software plays with futuristic design and animations drawing heavily upon the style of “JARVIS”, the AI best known from the Marvel’s Iron Man movies. For instance, the company’s introduction and presentation is

carried out by means of an interactive timeline, and the individual locations of the procurement specialist’s various activities throughout Europe are marked and highlighted on a revolving 3 D globe. The showroom also explains current trends and developments using multimedia case studies, which Tony Stark (or any other lecturer, in fact) can expand to the monitor wall with a mere swipe gesture.

Integrated products and room technology

Another one of the showroom’s highlights is the smart C-part-output system’s room integration. This involves, for instance, wireless integrated open fronted storage containers, or automatons that are linked with the central order system via IoT. At any given time, the system thus always knows how many parts are on stock, and where, and it also knows when to initiate an order before a shortage in supplies arises. The multi-touch table “speaks” in the same protocol and offers detailed insight into the underlying IT processes. Along with the 7.1 surround sound system, the roughly 2.000 high-performance, individually controllable LEDs under the table’s command play their part as well in creating the showroom’s immersive overall impression. The customized corporate sound and the intro film were realized by Mindconsole concept agency.

In order to enable potential clients to assess the feasibility and possibilities of Lingemann Services for their own business, the table provides an interactive configuration tool that allows to playfully place, configure, and try the IoT solution in various production environments and contexts.

Interactive showroom wins German Innovation Award 2022

With the “Procurement Future” showroom, Garamantis has set new standards in B2B product presentation for Lingemann GmbH. The multimedia showroom was awarded the German Innovation Award 2022 in Berlin in the category “Excellence in Business to Business”. The award ceremony of this year’s German Innovation Award took place at the Futurium in Berlin Mitte. Lingemann GmbH was awarded together with Garamantis GmbH for the “Procurement Future” showroom.


Lingemann GmbH

Projekt details

  • client: Lingemann GmbH
  • context: interactive showroom
  • implementation time: 4 months
  • finishing date: January 2021
  • multi-touch scanner table (4K)
  • monitor wall (5.760 x 2.160 pixels)
  • integrated sound and lighting control
  • person sensor
  • integrated IoT protocol
  • web-based CMS
  • central showroom control via tablet PC
Central control of the showroom with tablet
Multitouch scanner table recognises product flyers in the showroom
Video wall and multi-touch table are coupled with light control
Products in the showroom are interactively connected to the multi-touch table via MQTT
Lingemann showroom with screen wall and interactive table for product presentation
Showroom Multitouch interface for company presentation
Multitouch software in the JARVIS AI look
Futuristic multi-touch software UI with globe and timeline
Showroom with multi-touch table and screen wall
Showroom with open room design and glass front
Showroom with products connected via IoT protocol
German Innovation Award 2022

With the »Procurement Future« showroom, Garamantis has set new standards in B2B product presentation for Lingemann GmbH. With this multimedia showroom, industrial customers can put their processes to the test using model concepts.

Winner of the German Innovation Award 2022

German Innovation Award, 5/24/2022

With the new “Procurement Future” showroom, Garamantis has set new standards in digital product presentation for Lingemann GmbH. With the multimedia showroom, industrial customers can put their processes to the test using model concepts.

Logistik und Beschaffung der Zukunft: der interaktive Showroom, 7/15/2021
Alexander Pawel

The 75 year history of Lingemann stands for the courage to embrace change. With this vision in mind, we decided to demonstrate our step towards Industry 4.0 to our clientele by using state-of-the art technology. With Garamantis we managed to achieve this goal and already have thrilled one or the other client. Lingemann being a pioneer in the industry, we not only want to convey factual content to our professional clients, we also aim to give them a live impression of how our BOOST. products are going to change their workflows.

Alexander Pawel, CEO Lingemann GmbH
digital signage Magazine

As soon as visitors enter the showroom, their position is detected by a lidar laser system. The integration of digital products from Lingemann, for example a smart C-parts dispensing system, is also part of the room concept. This involves, for example, wirelessly networked open fronted storage bins or vending machines that are connected to a central ordering system via IoT protocol.

Interaktiver Showroom

digital signage Magazine, 7/1/2021
Blach Report

The centerpiece of the showroom is a Garamantis multitouch table networked with a screenwall and Lingemann’s IoT solutions. Thanks to an integrated people sensor, the table enters into a dialog with visitors and presents the current product portfolio.

Garamantis und Lingemann eröffnen interaktiven Showroom

Blach Report, 01/28/21

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Interactive Showroom

For All Those Who Want It All: The Full Package Immersive Digital Showroom Experience


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