Mar 2021
by Andreas Will

7 tips for an outstanding multitouch experience

7 tipps for an outstanding multitouch experience - infographic

What separates a traditional multi-touch table from a truly outstanding multi-touch table? If you want to create a unique experience for your users, take these 7 tips from Garamantis’ years of experience to heart.

  1. remote effects

    How does your table make its potential users aware of its presence in the first place? By means of a striking shape, by means of an attractive design, by means of atmospheric lighting, and ideally with the help of sensor technology.

  2. person sensor

    If your multi-touch table is able to register a user’s exact position in the room, interactivity becomes even more exciting. The table can actively greet users or invite them to play; for instance, content pops up automatically and angled to their line of vision, too, which makes the entire interaction a lot more intuitive.

  3. multi-user approach

    The one special thing about a multi-touch table is the fact that it facilitates shared use: it allows all its current users to simultaneously interact and to collaborate. You should therefore make targeted use of this feature for your brand experience!

  4. object recognition

    Most likely your target audience is familiar with touchscreens and has been for years – but presumably none of them has ever encountered one that reacts to objects or products. Interactivity by means of merely showing an object or depositing it on the table opens up new dimensions of interaction.

  5. light and sound

    Why settle for the multi-touch tabletop as a medium, when, in terms of multimedia and immersion, there’s more in store? With its own lighting and sound system, the table’s effect on your users is going to be even more powerful.

  6. external screens

    An additional, vertically mounted monitor is a relatively inexpensive, but impressive way of enhancing and expanding the experiential world on your table. For instance, during a presentation content can be swiped from the table to one or more external monitors.

  7. gamification

    Don’t squeeze your ideas and your entire brand universe into the restraints of standardized display modes! For once forget about slides and traditional menu navigation and captivate users with the table’s exceptional and playful ways of interaction and communication instead.


This blog entry is an excerpt from the comprehensive white paper “In 8 steps to a successful multi-touch table project”. If you would like to receive the whitepaper for free, please send an email with the subject “whitepaper” to info@garamantis.com.

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