May 2018
by Andreas Will

Berlin Hyp – 150 years is a good start

Berlin Hyp Event - 150 years is a good start

The Bank turned 150 years old on 8 May 2018 to the day and celebrated its anniversary with all employees and many customers in a big way at Kraftwerk Berlin. The multi-touch scanner table showed the bank’s eventful history under the motto “History Digital”.

Berlin Hyp AG is one of the leading German real estate and Pfandbrief banks, specialising in large-volume real estate financing for professional investors and housing companies. The bank turned 150 years old on 8 May 2018 to the day and celebrated its anniversary with all employees and many customers in a big way at Kraftwerk Berlin. In addition to the broad stage, music and show programme, there were also several interactive stations at the event. One of them was the multitouch scanner table, which brought the bank’s eventful history to life in various ways under the motto “History Digital”.

Interactive Station History Digital

Multitouch game on the history of the company

The focus of the multitouch software developed in Unity 3D was on a multi-user game where users engaged with the working environments of the eras. The task was to equip four desks with work utensils typical of the era. Since there are only 30 seconds and all objects react physically correctly to the user’s touch, this is no easy task. So the seal stamp and cigar box belong on the table of the Gründerzeit, the Rubik’s cube on the table of the 80s and the laptop on the table of the contemporary working world. Once all the correct utensils have been “thrown” onto the desk, the table rewards with virtual fireworks.

Multitouch-Scanner-Table Berlin Hyp

An interactive timeline presented the milestones of the company’s history in words and pictures. Not only the historical events and transformations were interesting, but especially the milestones that still lie in the future. For example, the 3D printing of entire houses.

Multitouch table digitises greeting cards

A special experience for the guests was the possibility to leave congratulations and future wishes handwritten on cards and to scan them afterwards at the table. The step from the analogue card in the hand to the digital card on the virtual desk was particularly easy – thanks to the optical object recognition of the table. In addition to information and games, visitors could also personally immortalise their wishes for Berlin Hyp.

“150 years is a good start!” This was the motto of our anniversary year marking the 150th anniversary of our bank. As a modern real estate bank, in the midst of the digital transformation phase, Garamantis developed an interactive application for us that depicts our history, playfully demonstrates the changes in working environments, dares to look into the future and knew how to provide a digital guestbook. Everything was combined in a multi-touch table, which was designed according to our specifications. The roll-out for our anniversary celebration was a huge success and a real eye-catcher for all guests. Thanks to the entire Garamantis team for the great ideas and the perfect and unexciting implementation!

Knut König and Christine Dahm from Berlin Hyp AG

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