May 2023
by Andreas Will

Showroom – Getting control and content management right

Showroom control and content management

Showroom managers’ lives are made easier by a central control and content management system. Two helpful planning checklists.

A multimedia showroom is largely digital. An efficient content management system (CMS) is therefore essential. Ideally, it should be fully tailored to your space and its stations, so that you can change and add content quickly and easily. Think of a new product or reference project! Equally important is the ability to control the room, e.g. switching all components on and off or activating individual stations. A clever combination of CMS and tablet-based control also allows for individual adaptation to visitor groups. For example, different presets can be stored in the CMS and simply activated via a tablet in the showroom.

“Showroom control” checklist

These components should be planned:

  • Booting and unbooting the entire showroom
  • Starting and stopping individual interactive stations
  • Lighting control
  • Control of the audio system
  • Monitoring of the showroom (for early detection of technical problems)

(For more information on showroom and exhibition management, read here)

“Showroom Content Management” Checklist

What you should ideally be able to do:

  • Manage all digital channels
  • Roles and rights system for different users
  • Web-based access via browser
  • Stations should be able to run temporarily without access to the CMS
  • Easy media upload
  • Any number of languages and fonts
  • Interfaces to external systems and databases if required
  • Management of individual greeting scenarios
  • Management of presets (presets for different occasions and target groups)
  • Flexible architecture for future enhancements
  • Cost-effective operation (hosting, administration, updates)

Tip: Sooner or later you will need your corporate content (text, images, videos, models, products, etc.). Remember that you will need to collect this content from different departments in different languages. The sooner the processes and responsibilities are clear, the better.

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