Mar 2023
by Andreas Will

Outfitting an interactive showroom: small budget – big impact

The fact that they are usually limited is an inherent vice of budgets. On the other hand, especially when it comes to a showroom, its true value only becomes apparent and perceptible when you can actually stand in it, which is why companies usually opt for a functional basic version as a starting point. This ‘minimum viable product’ can always be improved and expanded later on, as more experience and/or new funds become available. It makes a lot of sense to think ahead about the different configurations and levels of sophistication of the various elements and aspects of a showroom, and where you can cut corners without compromising the overall experience.

Interactive showroom elements and scalability

From ‘small, but clever’ to ‘seriously wow’

Using 8 room elements in interactive showrooms, we give examples of what a simple to high-end station might look like.

Room Element Basic Solution Upgrade Premium Solution
1. empty wall large spotlit wall print projection/screen interactive projection or multi-touch wall
2. lighting individual ‚smart‘ LED spots smart lighting system individualized lighting concept
3. sound stereo speakers 5.1 sound system customized audio/sound concept
4. interactive screen suspended/mounted multi-touch screen multi-touch table interconnected multi-touch installations
5. display case standard display case + tablet PC display case with semi-transparent monitor interactive display-case
6. sample products standard exhibition digitally enhanced (w/ monitors, AR, etc.) interactive presentation
7. models simple 3D and interactive spotlights sophisticated models w/ interactive projection-mapping
8. monitor wall single multi‑touch screen small affordable monitor wall w/ passive screens and IR or LIDAR touch large wall w/ high-quality monitors (for 24/7 operation) and touch- and gesture control

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