Apr 2017
by Andreas Will

Interactive showcase enables innovative product presentation

Interactive showcase enables innovative product presentation

The young technology company Garamantis Interactive Technologies develops interactive installations that could now revolutionise the concept of the classic presentation showcase. For its absolutely novel product presentation in an interactive showcase, the Berlin-based start-up was awarded the “Best of 2017” by Initiative Mittelstand. Seal of the Innovation Award IT.

Multitouch technology and interactive turntables

While conventional showcases only offer a static object presentation and are supposed to protect against dust, damage and theft, the interactive showcase by Garamantis entices the user to playfully explore the object. The previously passive viewer becomes an active user and interacts intuitively with the displayed object via the transparent multi-touch glass. By wiping, he can control the object positioned on a turntable from the outside and view it from all sides. Synchronously to the movement of the object, a high-resolution image panorama rotates in the background and is atmospherically illuminated by dynamic light spots. Another screen next to the object offers videos, images and additional information, which can also be controlled from the outside via the glass. The user is already familiar with this handling through his use of smartphone and tablet. The completely new possibilities that are now presented to them have positive surprise potential. This innovative form of active engagement with the exhibit and the accompanying information also increases the time the viewer spends there and strengthens his or her emotional connection to the object.

Interactive showcase enables novel product presentation

“The combination of clear multi-touch glass and moving object in the showcase is a world first that will certainly soon establish itself on the market,” Andreas Köster, who is responsible for marketing at Garamantis, is convinced. “Various approaches to an interactive showcase have already been developed, but these are based on partially transparent monitors, only about 15% of which are translucent. Even with strong illumination, the product behind them can only be recognised in a blurred way, which rules out many applications. It is precisely this weakness that we are addressing with our interactive showcase – in it, the focus is not on the screen but on the product.”

Innovation for museums, trade fairs and jewellers

The new development is used in a wide variety of industries, as the technology is almost universally applicable. For example, museums can now present exhibits to their visitors in a much more interesting and authentic way by virtually recreating the original place where they were found. At trade fairs, complex technical products suddenly become eye-catchers for visitors, who playfully engage with the product and get to know it or understand it better in the process. Jewellers and watch manufacturers can present their products in a modern and high-quality way in the interactive watch showcase. The multimedia possibilities create a dense brand atmosphere through storytelling, which, for example, showcases the manufacturing process and the special product features.

Other product features include a person sensor that detects potential users at a distance of up to six metres, as well as retrievable usage statistics that evaluate how many users have looked at the showcase for information.

Thanks to a web-based content management system, all digital contents of the showcase, such as images, texts and videos, can be exchanged with just a few clicks. In luxury and flagship stores, different product worlds can be presented every week without the need for major adjustments. The showcase, which is connected to the internet, is also designed to be multilingual and has an integrated audio system so that almost any target group can be reached.

Development and production in Berlin

The expert jury of the Initiative Mittelstand described the interactive showcase developed by Garamantis as a particularly innovative IT solution with high benefits for SMEs. Development and production take place both as a standard version (six-week delivery time) and as customised production in Berlin. In addition, the technology can be retrofitted into conventional showcases or even used as an interactive display window. Andreas Köster of Garamantis is confident for 2017: “After the product launch a few months ago, we are already working successfully with some museums and exhibition stand builders. At large trade fairs such as the International Green Week, for example, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development presents itself with the interactive showcase. What we, as a relatively small technology service provider, are still lacking is an agency network with which we can work together permanently and generate even more attention.”

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