Corporate Marketing

Present companies innovatively, design showrooms interactively

Present your business innovatively, future-oriented and multi-media enhanced

Impress your company’s visitors, clients, and investors with a unique interactive installation. Multi-touch tables and other interactive elements offer countless possibilities of optimizing your business’s  image cultivation.

One of the crucial points of contact between a potential client and a company consists in the personal on-site meeting – the first impression often has an impact on the entire business relationship to follow. Your products or services as well as your company as a whole should hence be presented in a way that is both straightforward and innovative at the same time.

Trust the experienced experts at Garamantis with your interactive showroom project or your corporate exhibition – we realize your project with the help of cutting-edge technology guaranteed to “wow” your visitors.

Brand world, showroom, corporate museum or company event – tailor-made solutions for your ideas

An increasing number of brands create for themselves their own spaces where they can be experienced authentically and become tangible – there is a steady trend towards corporate museums, brand worlds and showrooms. Garamantis specializes in accompanying projects like these, starting out from the first tiny idea and only ending after their  final completion. For example:

  • You want to create an interactive showroom at company headquarters, which not only presents the range of the product portfolio in an innovative way but also manages to surprise and fascinate visitors.
  • You want your next staff event to be participative and integrative. At the same time, the latest technology should be used in order to widen your employee’s horizon and open their minds to new ideas.
  • You are looking for a gripping and lifelike way to present your company’s history, without even the slightest semblance of museum tedium. What you need are interactive stations and exhibits that bring your brand and its history to life.

Full Service: realization of customized solutions for your company

In the past ten years our staff members have equipped and accompanied a multitude of interactive projects in widely varying sizes. Starting from the lease of a multi-touch table for an event up to the realization of a full-blown corporate exhibition, we meet the client’s individual requirements and maximize the desired effects. We stay at your side from the planning phase of a project until  its completion and implementation, in whatever way you want and need. In a full-service project, we are happy to take care of everything.

The implementation period for small-sized installations like a multi-touch scanner table is about eight weeks – larger projects with many parties/people involved take longer, depending on their size. In any case, we adapt to your requirements and work proactively towards opening day.

  • Brainstorming: Benefit from our expertise and experience and let yourselves be inspired – our non-binding offer covers all details, including a schedule with milestones.

  • Conception, design and planning: We develop and refine your initial idea until it is ready for realization, identifying and avoiding any potential pitfalls at an early stage in the process. This is the sound basis for a swift and speedy implementation.

  • Software development, preparation of content, realization: We merge concept, software and hardware into an integrated interactive installation. Constant feedback loops keep you in control and give you the opportunity to intervene at any point.

  • Rollout and implementation/integration: We install and test all components on-site at your premises, and we’re only satisfied if you are thrilled!

Conveying corporate values, making brands tangible, sharing visions: convince others by means of interactive installations and digital media

Don’t spend a lot of time explaining in theory what your company has to offer, let your business partners and clients experience it for themselves instead – with an innovative installation tailored exactly to your business. Present yourselves as a modern company that lives and breathes the digital transformation – for instance at roadshows, company anniversaries, and staff events.

Consistent with the respective target group and occasion, we take up your topic and your message and mould it into a customized interactive installation. We love new ideas and challenges as much as we love sharing our practical expertise with you.

Interactive theme world: diving into a company’s history through the multi-touch table

A multi-touch table with individualized software offers virtually endless ways of supporting your objectives. For instance, a multi-touch table designed by Garamantis facilitates:

  • insights into your product’s manufacturing process as well as its specific properties by means of high‑resolution videos, 3D models and interactive storytelling
  • an immediate experience of corporate history, e.g. on company anniversary festivities – with an interactive timeline, staff member profiles and digitized documents
  • reduction of the degree of complexity of a service or product – by way of infographics, network graphics, and explanatory animations
  • control of an entire showroom including lighting and sound control and activation of additional exhibits via touch-surface
  • new interactive options via motion or gesture control and voice control
  • object recognition of product and material samples (for instance by means of capacitive or  optical sensors and RFID technology)