Oct 2020
by Andreas Will

Multi-touch Table – Define Aims and Objectives

Multitouch table Define goals and target groups

Just for the fun of it, go and separately ask three of your colleagues what use and benefit for your business they expect and require from a multi-touch table. Most likely you’ll get three very different answers, ranging from “look stylish and modern” over “generate leads automatically” to “impress the board members”.

That’s why it’s important to build consensus and a basic common ground about the purpose of your table. It will protect not only your project, but also you (as the project leader). Make notes of the agreed objectives so that you can refer back to them during the process when crucial questions arise.

What exactly is the table supposed to do, and for whom? How should it represent your company? And who are the people it should excite?

The following list should give you some food for thought on the most important questions.

“Aims and Objectives” checklist

  • Define the target group(s)
    • What kind of people constitute your target group(s): trade show visitors, clients and customers, prospective buyers and other interested parties, investors, staff members, or other stakeholders? B2B or B2C?
    • What are the demands of your target group? Put yourself into their shoes and then define potential insights and expectations. If applicable, create a persona of a typical representative of your target group.
  • Define corporate and/or clients’ objectives
    • Image? Recognition and brand awareness? Lead generation? Information on products? Which objective do you want to achieve with the table’s support?
  • Uncover potentially conflicting objectives
    • Compare your requirements with those of the target group –are there serious discrepancies between the two?
  • Make a Wishlist
    • Collect and write down all your ideas: Ideally, the multi-touch table can: ….

Find fellow campaigners for your multitouch table project

A multitouch table is anything but a negligible investment. You therefore might want to consider carefully in advance how you can make good use of it for an extended period of time:

  • Can you use it for many purposes and on multiple occasions, e.g. for various trade shows and/or events?
  • In the meantime between special occasions, is there a way to employ the table in a meaningful way in your lobby or your showroom as well?
  • Ask yourself, and answer honestly: Is a multi-touch table really the best means to your particular end? Or would another kind of interactive installation actually be the better solution?

At this stage of the process, you still have all the options to choose from and nothing is set in stone yet. Get some advice and consult with a professional. – if you like, you can always come to our Berlin showroom for this. Interactive projection, interactive display case, or VR, at Garamantis’ you can familiarize yourself with the full gamut of interactive solutions – up-close and personal.

This blog entry is an excerpt from the comprehensive white paper “In 8 steps to a successful multi-touch table project”. If you would like to receive the whitepaper for free, please send an email with the subject “whitepaper” to info@garamantis.com.

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