Dec 2022
by Andreas Will

10 Interactive stations at a glance

Multitouch table with card reader in the digital exhibition at the House of History

Multitouch installations and other interactive stations make excellent central presentation tools in showrooms. With the multitude of technologies and possibilities, it is difficult to get an overview of which elements could make up your own showroom. We have compiled ten typical and most suitable interactive stations here to make research and selection easier for you.

10 interactive stations in showrooms

… to be continued: Here’s the cliffhanger – the real excitement begins with the conception of entirely new interactive stations to optimally showcase the respective topics at hand. Often a clever recombination of existing elements, technologies, and features already is enough to leave a deep and lasting impression with visitors.

This blog entry is an excerpt from our comprehensive whitepaper “Successful Planning and Realization of Corporate Showrooms – A guide from HOW to WOW”. If you would like to receive the whitepaper free of charge, please write an email with the subject “Whitepaper Showroom” to info@garamantis.com.

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