Oct 2020
by Andreas Will

Multi-touch Table – Internal Organization

Multitouch table - internal organisation and project management

Who should you inform and who can support you? There’s no need to overly complicate things; according to experience, however, you have to (and will) contact the following departments of your business during the course of the project:

  • Marketing (e. g. to agree on/determine the table’s concept and contents)
  • Products (e. g. for obtaining content such as product description, images, videos)
  • Brand/ Corporate communication (e. g. for development and approval of designs)
  • IT (e. g. for the table’s integration into the existing IT infrastructure; keywords are CMS, interfaces, IT-security)
  • Procurement (e. g. for tender offers and acquisition)

This short overview might give you an idea why it is that especially in kick-off phase, the complexity of multi-touch table projects is generally underestimated. But don’t let this put you off –thanks to our checklist you come well-prepared.

Tip: Network with others and collaborate! Check if there are colleagues or other departments in your company who might also benefit from the presence of a multi-touch table. Your co-workers even might already have some experience with interactive installations.

This blog entry is an excerpt from the comprehensive white paper “In 8 steps to a successful multi-touch table project”. If you would like to receive the whitepaper for free, please send an email with the subject “whitepaper” to info@garamantis.com.

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