Oct 2020
by Andreas Will

Multi-touch Table – Set a Budget

Multitouch table Define budget

Create a business case! Sure, you can always first ask how much “one of them multi-touch tables” costs and postpone the decision on the available budget. You wouldn’t be the only one. Nevertheless, in the context of a larger project, contrasting your requirements and objectives with the available budget is the more sensible thing to do. This way you can get constructive advice on which scope of services you can expect, and in which quality. Look for a supplier who knows how to use the budget you’ve set optimally and efficiently! But more on that in the next chapter.

“Budget” checklist:

  • Define the table’s lifespan conditions: The hardware of a high-grade multi-touch table will remain up-to-date for at least two years and you’ll be able to use it for your purposes without detriment. Even after three or four years, a slightly outdated resolution capability alone is no reason to hide. That’s why you should ask yourself:
    • How many trade fairs per year does your company usually attend?
    • How many people on average visit your showroom or your lobby?
  • Assess the benefits for your business: Granted, some aspects of a thing’s usefulness are hard to quantify and appraise, for instance a possible image boost. Here are some key questions that will help you to better estimate costs and benefits:
    • How highly does your company value a good trade show appearance
    • What is the usual budget for traditional marketing measures?
    • How much (costly) floor space (square feet/m2) of your trade show booth can be saved by employing a multi-touch table?
  • Tap into new funds:
    • What other company departments or partners can you get on board for your project?
    • Are there any potential sponsors or funding programs?
  • Always stay critical, pedantic even: Once you’ve brought yourself to spending the budget, it’s all the more important to keep a close (and scrutinizing) eye on what you get in return.

This blog entry is an excerpt from the comprehensive white paper “In 8 steps to a successful multi-touch table project”. If you would like to receive the whitepaper for free, please send an email with the subject “whitepaper” to info@garamantis.com.

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