Multitouch Software

Definitely No Standard-Issue Product, Just Like Yours. Unless You Develop ISO Standards.

Multi-touch table, interactive projection, or VR-experience – the crucial factor all our products have in common is what happens if you turn them on. We bring back to life a long-extinct species, we have it play air hockey against its principal predator, and to get a better look on all that, we zoom ourselves up into space. You’re wondering what the use is? At least it demonstrates that we set no boundaries to your imagination, not even hardware-related ones: just swipe your content from the table onto a monitor wall! Whether that content be a Dodo, your product portfolio, or a 3D tour through your corporate history – that choice is all yours.

A short selection from our inner values:

Features galore: phew – were to begin? With the interactive timeline? Or rather with the integration of almost infinitely zoomable gigapixel images? Or better yet, with our media newsroom? It’s a vast playground, so we best start with your idea!

Individual storytelling: any story is only just as good as the storyteller’s skills –inventiveness, the ability to surprise, and a fair amount of pathos added are the key ingredients here. That’s why we don’t work with standardized kits, but take your particular story, your requirements, and your target audience into account.

Creative flexibility: When it comes to your software, nothing’s set in stone - but in our cloud-based CMS instead. This way you can flexibly adapt the content according to the occasion.

Excellent hardware: imagine you just changed the world for the better, and then all of a sudden it starts to jerk and stutter. That’s not going to happen with us. Our software works smoothly and independently of internet access, with 60 frames per second, on a high‑performance PC, and 24/7. In short: it’ll run perfectly smooth around the clock.

Anything. Is. Possible: whatever it is your virtual world needs we are prepared to deliver. For instance, motion control, robot programming, interactive projection, brain interface ... do you want us to continue? Ok, here goes: Motion tracking. VR environments. Augmented reality ...

Kapazitive Marker auf Multitouch-Screen steuern die Software
interaktive Lagebesprechung Luftwaffe auf Multitouch-Tisch
Kollaborative Multitouch-Software mit kapazitiven Markern
Die interaktiven Tische erkennen neben den Touch-Eingaben auch sämtliche am Messestand vorhandenen Produkte


No more “top “ or “bottom” and upside down– any desired number of users can interact with the software simultaneously and from all directions.


Perfectly smooth rendition and animation (60 frames per second) with exceedingly high resolution.


Start now with the most important key features, and later refine the software together with us.


Every pixel of the UI as well as the CMS are exactly tailored to your content and your target audience.

Multi Touch Software

Comprehensive software suite: pick the application that’s best for your presentation from a multitude of options

  • 3D globe: Spinning a realistic image of planet earth – in the shape of a high-resolution globe – with your fingers and explore places and locations all over the world is, quite simply, a lot of fun. The integrated local 3D software prevents the unwelcome stutters in the representation everyone’s familiar with from browser applications – spinning the globe and zooming in and out works perfectly smooth.
  • 3D multi-player games (e.g. air-hockey, quizzes, jigsaw puzzles, memory): Give your visitors a chance to experience a genuine multi-user software in action. The collective exploration and the intuitive control  appeal to any target group.
  • Animated infographics with POIs: No matter what you want to present or elucidate – we design impressive infographics and three-dimensional overviews for your customers to explore in a fun, intuitive way. Points of special interest can be activated from all sides.
  • Browser integration: Although in and of themselves, web technologies and multi-touch features are diametrically opposed, sometimes working with browser integration is unavoidable. We have succeeded in reducing its negative effects in terms of responsivity, control, and representation to an absolute possible minimum.
  • Business card recognition: The combination of person sensor and facial recognition capability allows the multi-touch table to ask its user in due course to present his or her business card. Once scanned, it is then displayed on the table’s multi-touch surface where it can be shifted around, processed, and linked to other applications. The image and the linked meta information are saved as a lead into the CMS.
  • Flyer recognition: Our multi-touch tables equipped with optical facial recognition also feature an intelligent image recognition function. It recognizes all print flyers, leaflets, brochures, postcards, and the like – provided it has previously been trained on them – in a split second, without any markers or codes.
  • Gigapixel images: Users can zoom into Ultra HD images in virtually endless depth of detail – the representation always remains in sharp focus. For instance, zoom from an entire mountain range to one single peak, and from there on into the tiny chalet at its top and even down to its individual occupants. Any viewer of this spectacular sight is likely to keep a lasting memory of it.
  • Info maps: In our years of practice we have optimized freely rotatable and zoomable info maps in all possible media formats for the use as a standard feature on interactive tables, user-related language settings and intuitive touch-control being just two of many examples.
  • Interactive timeline: Recount your company’s history in an interactive and entertaining way or allow a glance into the future by visualizing the landmarks your enterprise plans to reach over the next few years. Behind every bullet point on the timeline hides extra information in different media formats.
  • Interfaces and API: If required, we interlink the multi-touch software and CMS with external systems, in order to, for instance, import and export data, send emails, trigger actions etc.
  • Media newsroom: You’d like to scan and filter news platforms and social media channels for postings and present and edit your findings on a multi-touch screen? In cooperation with the media monitoring service provider Landau Media, we have developed a truly singular newsroom, the performance of which far surpasses any established standards.
  • Multi-touch walls: Our software facilitates smooth representation and interaction on virtually any desired number of screens in every resolution imaginable. Shopping wall or interactive trade show wall – its users are going to be thrilled with the possibilities.
  • pdf/PowerPoint viewer: Even though pdf files and PPT slides are basically not well-suited for a presentation that means to impress, in some cases they nevertheless are still necessary. Our multi-touch software automatically converts .pdf and .ppt into high-resolution images which then can be processed or edited via touch gestures.
  • Person recognition: In combination with the Garamantis people sensor, the software detects potential users from a distance and then invites them to engage with the device, shows “calls to action” and interacts with them “face to face”.
  • Presentation modes: Activate and control pre-defined storytelling features at the table, “sweep” content from one screen to another or control a monitor wall remotely from your tablet PC or smartphone –there’s hardly any mode of presentation we haven’t so far realized.
  • Product recognition: Our professional specialization in various different object recognition technologies (e.g. RFID, optical or capacitive sensors) facilitates intuitive interaction between the table and your products. Once the table has been “trained” on an object, it will always recognize it and then autonomously process and explain it.
  • Product presentation with 3D models: Introduce your entire product range by means of real-time-capable 3D models. Your customers can zoom into buildings and facilities, rotate heavy machinery, and can even explore areas that in reality are inaccessible.
  • Real-time physics-based rendering: Because we work with the powerful Unity 3D software development environment, we have PBR, lighting, animation as well as several camera angles at our disposal for the creation of an interactive digital representation of reality. Amaze your customers with a state-of-the-art software and an intuitive control of interactive content that simply is fun.
  • Road maps and other cartographical material: A lot of interactive projects require maps, satellite images, or aerial views of a given area or building complex. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), we’ve acquired a great degree of specialization and a lot of expertise in terms of interactive cartographic material.
  • User behavior and statistics: For the first time, you have at your hands a tool for the detailed evaluation and analysis of user behavior and users’ utilization of content at your interactive terminal. Let us help you in defining the key performance indicators to quantify your trade fair appearance’s success.
  • Virtual Realities (VR): Our direct interface between multi-touch software and VR application opens the way for entirely new possibilities. Invite your visitors to enter and immersively explore your brand world and product range, and in the process control the virtual environment from a multi-touch terminal or multi-touch table in real-time. 
Virtueller Projektionsraum mit Personenerkennung
We by no means restrict ourselves to the engineering of multi-touch software but are eager for all kinds of requests concerning new challenges in the field of (multi-)media installations. Amongst these are, in particular:

brain interfaces exhibition control systems robot programming VR environments AR environments interactive projections motion tracking gesture control features

Our custom-made multi-touch software upgrades your presentation to digital world-class

Only our multi-touch software makes a multi-touch table come to life. We design holistic interactive experiences for several simultaneous users. Showcase your business and your products by highly innovative top-notch digital means: you can “fling” digital content from the table onto a monitor wall with a swipe gesture, open entire product universes just by putting a marker on the tabletop, or activate pre-defined digital stories at a touch or with a simple gesture. We conceive and develop our multi-touch software in a Unity 3D environment, “hand-crafted” exactly for your particular application, whether that happens to be a multi-touch table on a trade fair or an interactive presentation tool in your showroom. Garamantis software is not restricted to the use on a specific hardware. Of course, we adapt the looks of the user interface and animated content to your corporate design and thus create a coherent harmonious brand experience.

Content updates from cloud-based CMS

You want to add new products or images or change the existing content? You can easily update your content within just a few minutes via cloud-based CMS. The multi-touch table autonomously downloads available updates and saves it to the local SSD hard drive for speedy further processing. The CMS can handle all standard data formats (.jpeg, .png, .mp3, .mp4, .wmv, .pdf, .ppt) as well as 3D‑related data. Hence, the role-and-rights-based CMS makes you entirely independent, and you can adapt and fine-tune your presentation according to the respective trade show, event, or target audience.

Smooth representation in 60 frames per second for an interruption-free immersive experience

The multi-touch software runs in