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  • graphics hardware and display technologies

About Garamantis Interactive Technologies

Garamantis Inc. was founded in Berlin in early 2014 by experienced software developers. As a partner of Ars Electronica, Garamantis realizes interactive projects throughout the world for a variety of different clients, such as SAP and the European Space Agency (ESA).

The multi‑touch scanner table and the interactive display case are our latest creations; they are offered in combination with our multi-touch software and a CMS.

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Recent press coverage

Berliner Zeitung - 2/26/2020

Virtual Reality, infrared lights, and odor‑emanating nozzles facilitate this omni sensory 5‑minute trip to regions where climate change already affects people’s lives. [...] With VR, even journeys into the past or into the future are no longer a problem.
Klimawandel in der Kuppel

Berliner Zeitung, 2/26/2020

Tagesspiegel - 1/24/2020

Visitors to the Green Week can experience how climate change is changing people's lives in Madagascar today - until Sunday in a so-called climate bubble. A seven-minute film takes you to the island in the Indian Ocean in a dome-shaped tent. The special thing: With virtual reality glasses, you can look around freely in the film, as if you were really on site.
Virtuelle Reise in die Welt des Klimawandels

Tagesspiegel, 1/24/2020

Märkische Oderzeitung - 1/16/2020

At the Green Week, visitors to the stand of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development can travel to Madagascar via virtual reality in a "climate dome", where the consequences of global warming can already be clearly felt.
Klimawandel hautnah

Märkische Oderzeitung, 1/16/2020 - 1/21/2020

"Climate dome" at the Green Week - How climate change in Madagascar feels with VR glasses
rbb24 Video, 1/21/2020

RBB Inforadio - 1/21/2020

In order to make climate change tangible, two young Berlin scientists have created an earth in virtual reality with their startup Garamantis - to be experienced at the Green Week.
Die Erde in Virtual Reality auf der Grünen Woche

RBB Inforadio, 1/21/2020

Immersive Learning News - 1/17/2020

The so-called climate dome, which the Berlin company Garamantis developed for the BMZ, allows up to 12 people to travel to Madagascar simultaneously via virtual reality, where the consequences of climate change are already clearly noticeable.
Den Klimawandel auf der Grünen Woche selbst erleben

Immersive Learning News, 1/17/2020

Events Magazin - 04/2019

Up to now, VR has been difficult in the event context, as it usually only offers experiences for individuals. The climate dome allows several people to immerse themselves in virtual reality at the same time.
Erlebniswelten 4.0 - Interaktive und multisensorische Installationen auf dem Vormarsch

Events Magazin, 04/2019

StartupValley - 12/5/2019

Garamantis makes content at fairs and in showrooms playful and interactive
Gründer Talk - Flexibel bleiben: Meistens kommt es anders als geplant

StartupValley, 12/5/2019

Restauro - 7/2019

Digital mediation methods such as interactive installations or multi-touch systems can expand the so-called museum narrative space and reach new groups of visitors. Many natural history museums already use technologies such as those developed by the Berlin start-up Garamantis.
Digitale Strategien für neue Erlebniswelten

Restauro, 7/2019

Pro7 - Galileo - Season 2019, Episode 233, 08/29/2019

With the new 5G network, we will all soon be surfing at top speed. But what is 5G and how does it work? (recorded in Garamantis showroom)

Pro7 - Galileo, Season 2019, Episode 233, 08/29/2019

m+a report Messemagazin - September 2019

In a 360-degree video, visitors were given an insight into the living conditions and challenges of the local people via VR glasses. They not only saw and heard how the inhabitants of the African island state dealt with climate change, but also felt the heat and dry air in the steppe, or the cool ocean breezes on the coast.
Am eigenen Leib

m+a report Messemagazin, September 2019

Berliner Morgenpost - 08/10/2019

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of digital presentation aids. Especially at trade fair appearances, the know-how of his company is in demand, according to Elias. Particularly large corporations have long since adopted old-fashioned forms of advertising such as flyers or cardboard displays. Rather, solutions are needed that make a business model or a product tangible.
Wenn Besucher auf Dinojagd gehen

Berliner Morgenpost, 08/10/2019 - 06/27/2019

The glass showcase combines multi-touch technology, interactive screens and direct interaction with the exhibited object. Handy: The digital content can be edited by the operator himself.
Product presentation 4.0, 06/27/2019

Daily Maverick - 06/26/2019

We can now view the entire construction site in Virtual Reality so that you have the opportunity to walk through the buildings or through the area and can look around and can turn your head to really experience the whole building site.
Six trends shaping cities of the future

Daily Maverick, 06/26/2019

Pro7 - Galileo - Season 2019, Episode 151, 06/06/2019

Samsung is one of the largest technology companies in the world. But who is behind the Empire? Here are the five biggest secrets of the family business from South Korea. (recorded at the Garamantis showroom)
"Die größten Geheimnisse über Samsung"

Pro7 - Galileo, Season 2019, Episode 151, 06/06/2019 - 5/14/2019

Our mission is to help companies to avoid using PowerPoint presentations to present themselves and their products to customers and visitors.
Interaktive Technologien für Unternehmen – Gründerinterview mit Garamantis, 5/14/2019

Berlin to go - 01/2019

For example, flyers, business cards or products can be shown to the table and immediately receive suitable digital content and information. In addition, the interactive table provides interfaces to cloud-based AI - for example, Amazon Alexa. That's how the visitors can talk to him.
Countless functions with AI

Berlin to go, 01/2019 - 3/5/2019

At the PoS, the futuristically designed, interactive installations are a crowd puller: they make people curious, arouse the interest of customers and invite them to find out more about an article or an offer. Descriptive products can be presented in an attractive way, for example in an interactive display case. An integration in the shop window enables customers to shop 24 hours a day at the digital POS of the stationary retailer.
"Omnichannel total", 3/5/2019

business-on - 2/26/2019

The Garamantis team developed technical innovations every year during its recent history, making it a name in the trade show and event industry.
Fünf Jahre interaktive Technologien made in Germany

business-on, 2/26/2019

"Wow-Effekt" Dank Multitouch - Berlin to go, 4/2018

How can complex topics and products best be communicated to a target group? In the best case interactive, playful and with "wow-effect".

"Wow-Effekt" Dank Multitouch, Berlin to go, 4/2018

Goldschmiede Zeitung - 08/2018

Now the company, launched only in 2014, has revolutionized the concept of a classic presentation display case. The once-passive observer becomes an active user and interacts intuitively through the transparent multi-touch glass with the exhibit.
Wenn das Schaufenster spricht

Goldschmiede Zeitung, 08/2018 - 5/30/2018

Originating from the business sector of individual project-related interactive presentations, in the last few years Garamantis have made a name for themselves in the field of pioneering presentation tools for companies and organizations, and have worked for enterprises like SAP, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ).
Garamantis eröffnet neuen Showroom auf EUREF-Campus in Berlin, 5/30/2018

invidis consulting - 5/30/2018

From September 2018, the technology company will set up an experience showroom with an attached workshop space covering 130 m². Therein visitors can try interactive exhibits and experience state-of-the-art presentation technologies.
Garamantis opens new showroom on the EUREF campus in Berlin

invidis consulting, 5/30/2018

Braunschweiger Zeitung - 5/17/2018

The "Planning Table 4.0" is part of the new "Center of Excellence for Lean Enterprise 4.0" of the TU-Institute, which has now been officially opened. Consistently networked companies should not only be further developed here, but should also be tangible for both students and companies.
Digitale Fabrik zum Anfassen

Braunschweiger Zeitung, 5/17/2018

Initiative Mittelstand - 4/20/2018

The “Initiative Mittelstand” (“Initiative for MSE”) awards the Innovation Prize IT 2018 to particularly innovative IT solutions of high benefit to medium-sized enterprises. In the category "communication", the expert jury rates the interactive Projection Mapping by Garamantis with "BEST OF 2018". The rated product has convinced the jury and is within the top flights among this year’s Innovation Prize IT participants.

Initiative Mittelstand, 4/20/2018

BASIC Thinking - 4/9/2018

Relevant, individual, diverse - behind the interactive newsroom lies the technology of Landau Media. Through their media monitoring customers have access to all German-language newspapers, magazines, TV channels, social media channels, RSS newsfeeds and radio stations - just to name a few sources. Using predefined keywords, an algorithm filters out the relevant content for each customer.
Interaktiver Newsroom: So wird aus der Informationsflut relevanter Content für dein Unternehmen

BASIC Thinking, 4/9/2018

Goldschmiede Zeitung - January 2018

The interactive showcase by Garamantis, which responds differently to horizontal and vertical touches on the clear multi-touch glass. Please touch

Goldschmiede Zeitung, January 2018

Oberländer Rundschau - 11/29/2017

The adventure stations - on the Hohen Mut Alm in Obergurgl - make the fascinating mountain world come alive with a multimedia exhibition concept
Natural Park Exhibition at an altitude of 2670 meters

Oberländer Rundschau, 11/29/2017

Goldschmiede Zeitung - December 2017

The interactive display case by the Berlin based company Garamantis is a world premier. By touching the glass you can explore the exhibited object and learn about its history.
Ein spielerischer Zugang

Goldschmiede Zeitung, December 2017

invidis consulting - 9/29/2017

New retail trends were the main topic at the Visa Futures Conference in Barcelona. A few old acquaintances from Berlin and Vienna showed how to present this in a sexy way.
Interactive Projection Mapping bei der Visa Future Conference

invidis consulting, 9/29/2017

l'Usine Digitale - 9/21/2017

In partnership with Roland Berger and Garamantis VISA presents a solution for purchases beyond store opening times.
Visa eröffnet ein 100%ig innovatives Einzelhandels-Labor in Berlin

l'Usine Digitale, 9/21/2017

invidis - yearbook 2017-2018

The multitouch specialists from Garamantis Interactive Technologies have gathered knowledge about the topic. Otherwise the Berliners are on the road with interactive projects. They also work with other specialists, often with Ars Electronica.
Multitouch-Wissen anschaulich aufbereitet

invidis, yearbook 2017-2018

invidis consulting - 07/05/2017

Since June 2017, Garamantis may count themselves amongst the museum’s select cooperating partners, with the main objective to develop and test interactive museum installations.
Garamantis entwickelt fürs Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

invidis consulting, 07/05/2017

BlachReport Museum - 07/05/2017

In order to turn the museum’s singular treasure‑trove of data and its potential into a concrete experience immediately perceptible for companies and businesses, Garamantis will design an interactive multi‑touch installation which is going to be presented during the Long Night of Museums.
Garamantis ist offizieller Partner des Museums für Naturkunde Berlin

BlachReport Museum, 07/05/2017

Blach Report - 5/23/2017

The whole process works as simply and intuitively that even visitors lacking any basic knowledge in social media application in no time manage to broadcast their individual messages via Twitter.
„Social Media Tisch“ mit Multitouch-Funktion

Blach Report, 5/23/2017

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin - 8/19/2017

With this application, Garamantis was able to show what possibilities its product offers for innovative knowledge transfer and how digital copies of real objects out of the collection of the museum can be used at a high and sustainable standard.

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, 8/19/2017 - 5/23/2017

Garamantis designs interactive installations right at the interface between humans and technology, amongst them, for instance, an interactive display case that can be used, to give just one example, in museums.
Interview mit Garamantis-Gründer Oliver Elias, 5/23/2017

invidis consulting - 5/11/2017

"Love Out Loud!" was the motto of the re:publica 2017. The Berlin based digital and multi-touch experts from Garamantis Interactive Technologies carried out a suitable interactive action with their 4K multi-touch table.
Digitale Liebesgrüße von der republica 2017

invidis consulting, 5/11/2017

Museumsreport - 4/20/2017

Whereas conventional display cases only offer static ways to display an object and afford protection against dust, damage and theft, the new interactive display case by Garamantis is designed to encourage its user to explore the exhibit playfully. The previously passive spectator thus becomes an active user and interacts with the object on display intuitively via the transparent multi-touch display.
Garamantis stellt interaktive Vitrine vor

Museumsreport, 4/20/2017

Initiative Mittelstand - 3/16/2017

The “Initiative Mittelstand” (“Initiative for MSE”) awards the Innovation Prize IT 2017 to particularly innovative IT solutions of high benefit to medium-sized enterprises. In this category, the expert jury grants the award to Garamantis for their multi-touch scanner table. The prize-winning product has convinced the jury and counts among this year’s Innovation Prize IT winners.

Initiative Mittelstand, 3/16/2017

Initiative Mittelstand - 3/16/2017

The “Initiative Mittelstand” (“Initiative for MSE”) awards the Innovation Prize IT 2017 to particularly innovative IT solutions of high benefit to medium-sized enterprises. In the category "hardware", the expert jury rates the interactive showcase by Garamantis with "BEST OF 2017". The rated product has convinced the jury and is within the top flights among this year’s Innovation Prize IT participants.

Initiative Mittelstand, 3/16/2017

Zukunft des Einkaufens - 2/21/2017

Overall, very remarkable and interesting technologies that can improve the shopping experience considerably. Via already ingrained behavior patterns, like touching or controlling with swipe‑gestures, the customer triggers information on the product or "experiences", but one can also design further product descriptions and explanations in that way. It remains to be hoped that the use of these technologies in the retail industry will increase in the near future.
Mit Multitouch- und interaktiver Technologie das Einkaufserlebnis steigern

Zukunft des Einkaufens, 2/21/2017

manage it - 2/10/2017

Of even greater practical benefit are the paragraphs on display resolution and viewing distances. Even though “4K UltraHD” may sound like a lot, with a large-scale multi-touch table it actually only achieves 62% of a “pixel-free image” for the viewer, which can be calculated from the screen’s diameter and the viewing distance.
Infografik: Multitouch-Technologie

manage it, 2/10/2017

invidis consulting - 2/7/2017

Now the start-up company established in 2014 has even found the time to collect all information on this ubiquitous "multi-touch" technology and forge them into one large infographic. This graphic is addressed to anyone who wants to become an "instant expert" on multi-touch technics, but particularly to businesses and agencies looking for the optimal way to apply this technology in their work.
Alles, was Sie schon immer über Multitouch wissen wollten

invidis consulting, 2/7/2017

PAGE - 2/7/2017

Exhibitions, museums or stores already make use of multi-touch technology. How it works shows this infographic, which provides information on the technology and its history as well as some "fun facts".
Multitouch Infografik

PAGE, 2/7/2017 - 2/8/2017

But how exactly does the underlying technology work, and how has it developed over the last years? A project by Garamantis, an innovative team of software developers, now provides enlightening information on this subject.
Wie die Multitouch-Technik unseren digitalen Alltag verändert hat, 2/8/2017 - 12/1/2016

This technology offers entirely new possibilities of acquiring visitor feedback. Computers can collect usage data; museums learn which content and which forms of presentation agree with users, and which do not.
Garamantis: Vorsicht Vitrine, anfassen erwünscht!, 12/1/2016 - 11/22/2016

With the multi-touch scanner table and the interactive display case, the technology start-up Garamantis launches two novel products on the media installation market.
Garamantis Interactive Technologies launcht zwei Produkte, 11/22/2016

VDI Plattform "" - 11/14/2016

The Berlin company’s "multi-touch scanner table" incorporates true object recognition and a radio person detector, which makes it especially suitable to serve as an autonomous interactive information desk.
Jetzt können sich Messebesucher von einem Tisch beraten lassen

VDI Plattform "", 11/14/2016

StageReport - 6/6/2018

Coming from the project business for interactive presentations, Garamantis has made a name for itself in the area of ​​presentation tools for companies and organizations in recent years and works worldwide for companies and organizations such as SAP, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Ministry of Development Aid (BMZ).
Garamantis-Showroom in Berlin

StageReport, 6/6/2018