News from Garamantis and our work

16. November 2020 · Multitouch

Select Multi-touch Software: How to set the scene for user experience?

The multi-touch software – in other words, to what users see, touch, and experience on the “table-top”. After all, what good is the best and most innovative of interactive tables if in the end all it shows is the good old PowerPoint presentation or a selection of PDFs to click through. Exactly – tha…

28. October 2020 · Multitouch

Multi-touch Table – Choose a Supplier

The multi-touch table market is a complex one, to say the least, and might seem confusing. You’ll find suppliers who offer standardized products (for a marginally lower sum), but in your research you’ll also encounter those who offer full-range customization. Overall, the market divides into three d…

23. October 2020 · Garamantis

Garamantis is part of the Startup Creasphere

We compete on Europe’s largest open innovation platform Startup Creasphere, changing healthcare On October 21, 2020, the startup Creasphere will launch the fifth phase of its health program, in which 11 startups will develop pilot projects together with corporate partners for three months. Creaspher…

21. October 2020 · Multitouch

Multi-touch Table – Set a Budget

Create a business case! Sure, you can always first ask how much “one of them multi-touch tables” costs and postpone the decision on the available budget. You wouldn’t be the only one. Nevertheless, in the context of a larger project, contrasting your requirements and objectives with the available bu…

14. October 2020 · Multitouch

Multi-touch Table – Internal Organization

Who should you inform and who can support you? There’s no need to overly complicate things; according to experience, however, you have to (and will) contact the following departments of your business during the course of the project: Marketing (e. g. to agree on/determine the table’s concept and con…

5. October 2020 · Multitouch

Multi-touch Table – Define Aims and Objectives

Just for the fun of it, go and separately ask three of your colleagues what use and benefit for your business they expect and require from a multi-touch table. Most likely you’ll get three very different answers, ranging from “look stylish and modern” over “generate leads automatically” to “impress…

24. September 2020 · Showroom

7 key success factors for your interactive showroom

Way back then, showrooms basically used to be airy depots hosting various products. Nowadays they are the doorway to the very heart of your business: your corporate identity. They constitute experiential spaces connecting your brand with your (potential) customers and clients by means of fascination…

7. September 2020 · Garamantis, Press release

Garamantis @ Future Work 2020

On September 8, 2020, BDA and Microsoft Germany will once again host the largest festival on the future of work in Berlin on the EUREF campus. On three stages, a large number of top-class and international speakers will once again discuss how we will shape the working world of tomorrow. Under specia…

2. July 2020 · Awards, trade fair

Multisensory climate module with VR application awarded Silver Victoria

Designed by our partner Super an der Spree and technically realized by Garamantis last year, the “360-degree climate dome” was built for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The media have already reported intensively on the impressive VR experience for groups of up…

29. April 2020 · Multitouch

Emotion and Usability: Interactive Products and the “Joy of Use”

Interactive installations such as multi-touch tables should inspire and captivate their users. They should function as eye-catchers and fair magnets and make a lasting impression on the visitors. But how do you manage to “breathe life into” an interactive product and still offer the users fun intera…

14. April 2020 · Garamantis, Multitouch

Market volume of $1.5 billion for interactive tables expected by 2027

The global market for interactive tables is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.2% over the forecast period, according to a study by Grand View Research. The increasing use of multi-touch technology in the education sector is expected to be a strong driver for the market….

17. January 2020 · Garamantis, trade fair

Joint celebration of the SACEOS trade association and SingEx

The exhibition and event industry celebrates in Singapore at the beginning of the year. Under the motto #SACEOS40Anniversary, the local industry association celebrated the growth and development, as well as improvements to the infrastructure in the city-state known worldwide for events. Responsible…