News from Garamantis and our work

26. October 2017 · Multitouch, infographic

Multitouch object recognition capacitive – advantages and disadvantages

In addition to “tangible interfaces” and optical object recognition, there is another commonly used type of object recognition: capacitive object recognition on the touchscreen surface. Object recognition through multi-touch tables enables a variety of intuitive interactions between user and device….

23. August 2017 · Multitouch, infographic

Multitouch object recognition optical – advantages and disadvantages

Object recognition through multi-touch tables enables a variety of intuitive interactions between user and device. Different technologies exist for object recognition, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the use case. Object recognition through multitouch tables enables a variet…

11. August 2017 · Ars Electronica

Interactive Media Art at Ars Electronica in Berlin

This year’s Ars Electronica exhibition at the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin will run from 22 July to 26 October 2017. Now in its sixth year, the exhibition of digital media art focuses on the themes of “encounter” and artificial intelligence. “What if there were no clear separation between…

13. July 2017 · Multitouch, infographic

Digital Signage Trends and Market Data

Interaction in museums, the progress of augmented reality and virtual reality, and a wealth of information on the digital signage industry are all covered in the new yearbook from the industry experts at invidis. The PDF version is now available as a free download. Digital Signage Trends – Multitouc…

5. July 2017 · Multitouch

Colors and designs for Multitouch Tables

After deciding on the size and touch technology of a multitouch table, you need to find the right color and design for the table. Individual colors and designs for Multitouch Tables Often, this involves a corporate design of the company, which should also be reflected in the shape and form of the Mu…

9. June 2017 · Multitouch, infographic

Infographic – Resolution and pixel density for multitouch screens

For every project with multitouch screens, the technical question of the optimum resolution should be clarified at an early stage. After all, the user of the multitouch screen is only an arm’s length away from the image surface and not up to several meters away, as is usual with a passive screen suc…

30. May 2017 · trade fair

Interactive exhibition stand at the Kirchentag in Berlin

At this year’s Protestant Church Congress (24 to 28 May 2017), the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) presented itself at the “Market of Opportunities” at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds under the motto “Religion as a Partner for Sustainable Development”. The interactive t…

22. May 2017 · Multitouch, Press release, event

New interactive social media table

Interactive technology at trade fairs and events The multitouch table from Garamantis detects potential users at a distance of up to six meters and draws their attention with the help of its LED lighting. As soon as a visitor approaches, he is greeted with a message on the table’s high-resolution 4K…

5. May 2017 · Garamantis, Museum

Garamantis at the “Tech Loves Culture” conference in Riga

The “We Are Museums” initiative started in 2013 as an annual event at the intersection of culture and innovation. Today, it is a vital alliance of museums, historic sites, cultural enthusiasts, startups, and business enterprises that collaborate to organize events, publicize, and set trends. Interac…

25. April 2017 · event

G20 Conference – ONEWORLD without hunger is possible

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) invites stakeholders from politics, business, academia and civil society from Germany and abroad to the high-level G20 conference “One World without Hunger is Possible” in Berlin on April 27 and 28, 2017. The event will focus…

21. April 2017 · Multitouch

Multitouch table interactively illuminated with 660 LEDs

Our latest multitouch table features an additional way to interact with users: a wraparound LED strip consisting of 660 individually controllable high-performance LEDs. Remote effect: Touch Table attracts users’ attention with LED lighting Visual interaction is made possible not only by the table’s…

20. April 2017 · Garamantis, Press release

Interactive showcase enables innovative product presentation

The young technology company Garamantis Interactive Technologies develops interactive installations that could now revolutionise the concept of the classic presentation showcase. For its absolutely novel product presentation in an interactive showcase, the Berlin-based start-up was awarded the “Best…