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Convince and Thrill A Trade Show Audience

Visitor magnet multi-touch: more professional contacts by means of innovative concepts for your trade fair appearance

You’re looking for an innovative and up-to-date way to present your business and your products on the upcoming trade show? An interactive installation triggers the trade fair audience’s interest and curiosity and, due to their active involvement, remains in users’ memory for a long time to come. With a well-conceived combination of your content with cutting-edge technology, you achieve:

  • more potential customers at your trade fair booth
  • fast and easy launch into sales conversation
  • visitors’ longer time of stay at your booth thanks to its multi-touch interactivity
  • stronger visitor involvement through interaction

Cool trade show activities: let your interactive trade fair booth do the work for you

In combination with a Garamantis multi-touch solution, the trade show booth you already have becomes a sure-fire self-propelling marketing professional. Already from a distance, multi-touch walls and interactive projections draw people’s attention to your booth. As soon as they approach, visitors are detected by sensors and then greeted by a multi-touch table or an interactive display case. All interactive installations actively encourage them to touch or playfully interact with your products. For instance, a user puts one of your products on the multi-touch table and immediately is offered matching videos, images or additional information to browse and explore with touch gestures. The table then proceeds to recommend other relevant products, and it can even ask the visitor to present his business card. Furthermore, the table assists booth personnel in the interactive presentation and promotion of goods. All content, such as 3D models, infographics or video clips, is just one touch away.

  • Multi-touch technology attracts trade show attendants; several people at once can engage, interact, play, or retrieve information.
  • By virtue of object recognition features, your product is always center stage. A visitor only has to present a flyer, a product sample or other object and immediately receives a selection of matching content and suggestions for possible further activities to pick from.
  • multi-touch software allows potential customers to playfully familiarize themselves with the available variety of products – an activity likely to stick in their memory.
  • Novel technologies, like VR environments or the globally unique interactive display case with its entirely clear multi-touch glass, fascinate visitors and literally put them under their spell.

Full service: we put your ideas into practice

We take care of your entire interactive trade show project – comprehensively and proactively – an additional agency’s service is not necessary. In the course of 2 to 3 months, we accompany you through all stages of development, every step of the way to success.

  • Brainstorming and rough conceptual outline: How (well) does your previous trade fair concept work, and what are the improvements you’d like to achieve? What are your target audience’s characteristics, and what digital content will they most likely respond to? What is the best way to communicate, convey the message and make it stick? We’ll gladly help you to find answers to all these questions in a free and non-binding consultation, and then draw up a custom-fit proposal.

  • Conception and design: We conceive and design every detail of the installation and create sketches and mockups for your consideration and approval. In this step we also establish which content exactly (videos, images, texts, documents etc.) should be included in the final product.

  • Hardware integration and software development: We build the hardware and develop the software to be a perfect match for your individual target group. The agile development process involves several feedback loops in which we keep you updated on the project’s current status. We also harmonize the cloud-based CMS with your particular content.

  • On-site installation: We assemble and set up the finished installation on the desired date and train your staff in its usage. Only if you’re a 100 percent satisfied we consider the project complete: from now on, you’re going to promote your business by means of a top-notch, world-class multi-touch installation.

  • Support, maintenance and servicing (optional): You don’t want to worry about technical aspects in the years of operation to come? Our support team is ready to help you and your staff in case of any further questions or issues – via phone, email or remote access.

     Everything else you’ll be able to handle yourself, with a maximum of flexibility and independence: you can update and change your multi-touch installation’s content anytime via convenient web interface.

Eye-catchers at trade shows appeal to your potential customers!

Benefit from our years of experience in the creation of innovative trade fair concepts and their successful implementation. For each and every project we develop a unique individual concept. Here are some examples of possible applications to inspire you.

Long-range effect and attention – interactive walls with projection mapping

Large‑scale projections are visible from a great distance and have their own way of attracting trade fair visitors’ attention. In addition, interactive walls can induce surprise and curiosity, e.g. at the moment visitors realize they can affect – and interact with –the wall with their movements and gestures.

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